La Jolla homes for sale open house. Come meet Derk and discuss your particular wants and needs and learn what areas of La Jolla, if any, might be good hunting grounds. Learn how the market is doing in La Jolla, by neighborhood. Also, Derk will guide you in your search to the most likely areas of San Diego to meet your needs. As far as the the La Jolla market is concerned, please email me a request to email you my latest report. It’s a video along with a PDF of the map of La Jolla with all the stats for each neighborhood, large enough for you to read. There’s a clip in the video explaining the statistics on the tabs so you’ll know what you’re seeing. I’ll automatically add you to the list to receive the updates which I produce every 6 months. If you rely on newspaper reports on the market in San Diego and apply that information to La Jolla homes for sale, you’ll probably be terribly misled. That’s because each neighborhood in every area of San Diego performs differently. The newspapers just report on the average of them all. Anyway, stop by this weeks La Jolla homes for sale open house and I’ll get into it with you.