Derk is always at the top of his game, very well informed about the market and has a builders perspective on construction. Derk has a wonderful work ethic and is always available to assist when you need questions answered. He is our kind of realtor, qualified, knowledegable, and trustworthy. Elvia Harris

Elvia and Anissa Harris

Derk is always at the top of his game

“Derk Simonson works hard for his clients. He is always on the move, but always available; and always thinking about what else he can do to add value. He’ll take the time to understand you; your needs, your resources, your expectations and your concerns, and then do his best to support your success. And, he will keep you informed every step of the way.”

Jim Butts

Derk Simonson works hard for his clients.

We live in Maryland and we were interested in a condo in San Diego as a second home. When we began working with Derk, we immediately felt good about his overall approach. From Maryland, we worked with him for over a year before we finally made a purchase. During that time, he kept us updated on potential properties which were available within our parameters. We were looking in downtown San Diego and he was very knowledgeable of the pros and cons of the respective properties. We made an offer on another property which did not work out. However, Derk handled this transaction in a professional and superior manner. When we made an offer on the property we eventually bought, Derk was instrumental in helping us conclude the deal. We were in Maryland and working with him during most of this time via the Internet, fax machine and telephone calls. Without Derk’s guidance and ingenuity, we would have never gotten this property. There was another couple who had made a similar offer as the one we made and we were about to lose the property. However, in large part because of Derk’s efforts, we were successful in purchasing the condo. We found Derk to be very professional, always available, knowledgeable and a nice person. He was very helpful to us and was instrumental in our success. We were very pleased with every aspect of his handling regarding the purchase of our condo in downtown San Diego.

Randy and Nancy Garrett

Derk Simonson is very professional, always available, knowledgeable and a nice person.

“My experience with Derk Simonson from the start of my real estate search to the actual purchase was nothing but exceptional. Derk continually answered all my questions (which were many) regarding all aspects of my search and purchase. He ALWAYS promptly answered any call and returned calls immediately. He walked me through the very difficult transaction of a short sale. He guided me from start to finish with excellent personal advice. He put me in touch with a superb mortgage broker who greatly expedited my purchase. Derk can basically handle any real estate scenario that may arise. Since I was purchasing a California property from New York, I thought the purchase would prove difficult to accomplish. Not so with Derk. I highly recommend Derk Simonson as one who can help you fulfill all your real estate dreams! William Dooley Albany, New York William Dooley

William Dooley

Derk Simonson from the start of my real estate search to the actual purchase was nothing but exceptional.

“Dear Derk, As a couple who lives out of state and was looking for a condo in San Diego, we felt so lucky to have you as our realtor! Not only did you take the time to get us ready to come to San Diego to look at condos, you had everything lined up for showings when we got there. We so appreciate the entire day you spent with us showing us condo after condo and helping us determine which features were important to us. After we left, you were always available by phone or email with information we needed. You made contact with the people that were involved with the closing, and made adjustments we needed to be able to close from New Mexico. You were always at our side, even from afar, and the process was made easy and manageable with your considerable skills. Please know we would recommend you to anyone and everyone who needs a realtor in the San Diego area. I feel we not only had a realtor with you, but also a friend who was on our side….” Thank you, Derk. Sincerely, 

Diane Dal Santo and Fred O’Cheskey

We would recommend Derk Simonson to anyone and everyone who needs a realtor in the San Diego area

“Derk Simonson did an exceptional job not only finding us our dream home but helping us through the entire process. We fell in love with La Jolla and quickly learned that the real estate market is incredibly tough & competitive. Derk not only responded to every question within minutes, but he was also able to find us a once in a lifetime opportunity. He clearly has strong relationships within his industry and is not afraid to hustle when timing can make or break the deal. He was with us every step of the way. We are thrilled we met Derk and are so happy with the home he found us”.

Tamlyn & Joe Orlando


Derk Simonson did an exceptional job

Derk Simonson and Middleton and Associates, I just want to commend you, Derk, on your amazing work helping me sell my house. You stuck with me for almost a year and a half in order to sell the house for a nice profit. We first looked at selling the house a year earlier, but the market was slow and the house needed some work. Over the next year you advised me on what work the house needed. You helped me prioritize a work list in order to really get the house and yard looking spectacular. You also arranged a stager for the house and really increased the “wow” factor. You worked well with my renter and made sure to avoid imposing on him while helping me prepare the house for the market. When we did place the house on the market, we got so many offers in the first few days that we had to ask all potential buyers for their highest and best offers within about a week of it being on the market. You helped me choose a strong cash offer while ensuring that the other offers remained interested. Within 24 hours, the cash offer pulled out because they were not interested in the house as an investment property, but you quickly moved on to the next offer, which was actually higher and better, but a little less concrete. You managed my uncertainties and worked well with the other realtor and buyer in order to close the deal in what I perceived to be a very short time. You worked with me while I traveled overseas during the sale process, and kept me well informed of the process and my options. You worked very well with all the parties involved to speed up the process and make everyone very happy. I know that I am very happy with how everything turned out, and I perceive that the buyer, realtors, and other interested parties were happy with the experience. I thought that I would break even or lose money on this house sale, but I ended up making a decent profit, giving me more financial stability for the future. I can’t say enough about how great my experience was working with you over the last year and a half. I’m so grateful for all the hard work, understanding, and patience you had to help me sell this house. You made the process virtually stress free and what a relief it was to get it sold. Since I live all the way on the other side of the country, I thought this would be incredibly stressful, but you made it a great experience. I will gladly recommend you to anyone I know in the area who’s either buying or selling a home in the future. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with you and wish you well in the future. Very respectfully, Jedediah A. Raskie

Jedediah A. Raskie

Derk Simonson did an amazing work helping me sell my house.